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Download the 5 Day Plant Based Meal Plan to get started on your plant based journey.

You’ll get recipes, a shopping list and 5 day plan to get you started.

Not ready for 5 days of plant based meal?
No worries, just pick one day to start with or try a few of the recipes.

Join our Plant Based Cool Kids group on Facebook to hang out with people just like you that are on a plant based journey (AKA cool kids).

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro to the plant based lifestyle. Hop on in and see the latest scoop on plant based eating, share your favorite recipe or food selfie or get support on this amazing journey.

We are here to cheer you on!

plant based cool kid:
/plant/ /bāsed/ /ko͞ol/ /kid/


noun: plant based cool kid; plural noun: plant based cool kids

  1. 1.


    a person ready to dip their toe in the plant based pond or has already started to on his/her plant based journey and is looking for nutrition & cooking tips, tricks, & tools to eat for the health of it.

    • used as an informal form of address.

      "Pat’s really had a health transformation since he became a plant based cool kid!"

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Grab our latest plant based recipes to add to your recipe box. Every month we add a few more simple, delicious plant based recipes to add to your meal planning rotation.

Have a favorite family recipe you would like to see
remixed with a pinch of plant based & a twist of healthy?

Send us your recipe & maybe it will be
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