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Kitchen Tools

Every plant based cool kid needs the right tools to create delicious meals. I’m sharing some of my very favorite kitchen tools that I use daily to make cooking super simple. I’m a bit of a kitchen gadget nerd. If you have any questions about the tools, just message me below.

Air Fryer Oven

Instant Pot

Nut Milk Bag

Air Fryer

Tofu Press


Mason Jars


Mixing Bowls

Mini Mason Jars

Mini Blender



Dressing Shaker

Stick Blender


Food Processor

Donut Pan


Foodie Favorites

Here’s just a little of my favorite foodie finds. Some of them I have signed up for a subscription that sends shipments periodically so I never run out.
These are just a sampling of some of my favorite flavors, snacks, or plant based proteins.

A plant based cool kid doesn’t want to run out of favorites. Let me know your favorites you can’t live without. I’m always up for trying new foods.

Bon appetit!


Roasted Soy Nuts


Roasted Chickpeas

Nutritional Yeast



Matcha Green Tea


Kodiak Pancake Mix**

**As an RD ambassador, I have received free samples of these products

Chai Tea


Banza Pasta**


**As an RD ambassador, I have received free samples of these products

Dark Chocolate


Oat Milk

Bada Bean Bada Boom



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Cookbooks & Such

I’m obsessed with cookbooks. So many of them have been my inspiration for remixing nutritious & delicious recipes that are plant based, whole food. These cookbooks will help you in your plant based journey enjoy your favorite foods without feeling deprived. As an avid learner of all things nutrition & health, I am including some of my resources on lifestyle change and plant based living to help you live your best life and eat simple, healthy foods for the health of it.

Reach out through below if you need a recommendation.



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